Program Options

The curriculum gives churches the flexibility to conduct different types of outreach programs.  The type of program a church chooses is up to the church.
Extended Programs

The entire curriculum can be delivered over the course of several weeks or months through extended programs, such as HFL Fishing Clubs, Summer

Camps, and Bible studies.  Extended or long-term programs are highly recommended. These programs:
  • Encourage life-long participation that makes an eternal difference;
  • Create meaningful and memorable experiences,
  • Provide opportunities for learning and growth,
  • Nurture self-confidence,
  • Foster positive Christian relationships, and
  • Build a solid foundation of faith.

Short Term Programs

Short Term Programs, such as Weekend Retreats, Week long Camps, and One-Day Fishing & Faith Events, can also be used.  These types of programs create wonderful opportunities for your church or organization to serve the community, share the love of Christ, and spread the wonderful sport of fishing.

No matter what the goals of your church or organization's HFL Outreach Ministry are, the curriculum is designed to help you reach youth and families for Christ through the sport of fishing.

To learn more about starting your own HFL Outreach Ministry, visit "Start a Fishing Ministry".