Frequent Questions

How much does it cost to start an HFL Ministry in my church?
HFL is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  The ministry depends on the financial support of churches and individuals.  When a church starts an HFL Outreach, we asked that they prayerfully consider making a one-time $150.00 donation to help cover the cost of program materials.

Do you have any paid positions available?

HFL is an all volunteer ministry.  Individuals serving in the home office as well as field coordinators in various churches are volunteers.  We do not have any paid openings at this time.

Why do I need to be a member of a church to start an HFL Outreach Ministry?
God created the church to provide support to each of us as we seek to minister as he calls us. (Ephesians 4:11-16)  Your church is designed to support you in ministry.  In addition to helping you get your ministry going, the church will provide you with liability insurance as you work to use fishing as an outreach ministry.

What kind of support will my church receive when it starts an HFL Outreach Ministry?
We believe God has called HFL to support the church in its effort to use fishing as a new and exciting outreach.  In addition to providing the church with a curriculum, devotion materials, banners and other items, we are also here to help your church as it plans events, programs and other activities.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to use fishing as an outreach and it's our hope that our experiences will help you be successful with your HFL.

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